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Someone’s pouty because I got rid of my “beautiful red hair” and Hello Kitty phone. (at Broadway United Methodist Church Chicago,IL)

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Lookit who’s so cute this morning. #cats #catsofinstagram #pink

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I don’t know if the Weeknd cares for his fat fans, but I’m proof that he should.

Holy eyeshadow

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Wow, I’m a babe

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Blouse ~ Adevi Clothing (22-24)
Jeggings ~ Torrid (26)
Shoes ~ Journeys (11)
Flower Circlet ~ Petalprops via Etsy
Sunglasses ~ Lovelywholesale
Purse ~ Titinastore via Etsy

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decided i wanted to be really goth today. 

top: the black (san diego)
tank top (underneath): deb
skirt: deb
shoes: payless
earrings: forever 21
necklace: thrifted
bracelets: walgreens, walmart, deb
rings: bead shop, target, kohls, forever 21

lipstick is ‘envy’ by my beauty addiction, eyeshadow is ‘aurora’ by nyx

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